Onedone is a simple app that helps to accumulate skills, build great habits and improve your lifestyle in fun and efficient way. You can think about it as your personal coach and the best friend on the path to excellence.


Because there is so many interesting things to learn, it' powerful to reach our full potential and it's fun to see progress and become better every day.


Just add any activity, for example "pushups" and whenever you want to track it, go to the app and click on it. Counter increases, one done! Onedone will provide you with insights, recommendations and other features to help you stay motivated and become better every day. You can also add challenges which are sets of activities with the optional deadline, this could be "Learn programming" that would consist of all various activities and steps you want to focus on to become a great software engineer. There is no fixed structure what a perfect activity or challenge must be, you can experiment and innovate with tracking different things for different purposes.

See some stories:

Michal wants to be a great dancer, he creates challenge called "Dancing" and adds there activities like salsa training, salsa social, ballet, yoga, musicality, body isolations etc. He makes sure he has done some practice in at least one activity every day and at least in three different activities during a week.

Carmen wants to start a career as a Master of Ceremonies, she adds activities like hosting events, Toastmasters, prepare anecdotes, practise diction etc. As she accumulates skills and experience she rethinks best combination of activities she should be spending time on in each stage of her development.

Adam wants to build healthy habits and have maximum energy every day. He adds things like workouts and discovers new ways of trainings.

Hong has a list of New Year's Resolutions, he adds activities like study Japanese, train for marathon, paint. He sees what impact different activities have on each other and creates his optimal schedule.

Richard is learning data science, he created activities like python programming, stats, coursera machine learning, hackerank tasks. He was able to identify when and what causes him to loose vs keep the streak.

Why is this so awesome and works like magic?

Act of focusing on and practising something every day is super simple and powerful technique,it has been identified as the single biggest factor behind success of people like Benjamin Franklin, or Jerry Seinfeld. We all do it when the pressure is on and the time and context is right. But in our busy world it is too easy to loose focus or motivation and waste time. Onedone with its extremely simplistic and flexible design, makes a habit of consistently and systematically improving. It's powered by smart analytics engine, that helps you learn from your behaviour, discover hidden patterns, experiment and iterate. You can call it Kaizen 3.0 This strategy comes up so often in the various research and biographies of successful people, that is just hard to ignore, see for example books like:

Big vision

It's very simple and minimalistic tool but the vision is huge. Imagine discovering and sharing best paths for the skill acquisition. Imagine, whenever you want to learn a new skill onedone recommending you a unique, tailored pattern of activities to maximise your learning effectiveness. Imagine technology that can enrich your self awareness, discover hidden patterns of what makes you tick and assist you in making best choices every day.

One done, one perfect day, one perfect week, one perfect life ;-)

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